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What Do You Think?

January 9, 2014 by Mrs. Lesser 23 Comments

Hey students! I hope you are enjoying our lessons about the Revolutionary War! As you know, many of the colonists were Patriots who believed that the colonies should be free from Britain and have their own laws and ways of life. Other colonists remained loyal to King George III and thought the Patriots were disrespectful. They believed that they should not question authority! These people were known as Loyalists. Finally, there was a fraction of people who were able to see both sides and remained neutral. Where do you think your beliefs would land? Would you have been a Patriot, a Loyalist or neutral! Comment below with your response and explain why you chose what you did!

Mayor’s Essay Contest

December 7, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 7 Comments

This year, our entire class wrote an essay to enter into the 8th Annual Mayor’s Essay Writing Contest. The title of their essays was “My Christmas Wish” and I was amazed at the heartfelt and thoughtful responses that my students created. This contest was open to all elementary students grades K-5. It is with great excitement and pleasure that I give a big, loud CONGRATULATIONS to two amazing girls in my class who placed in the Top Twelve among all the entries! This morning, these two darlings had a chance to have breakfast, enjoy some fun activities, and receive a certificate from the mayor in front of a crowd at the Mayor’s Annual Kids’ Christmas Party and Essay Contest. Way to go, girls!

Colonial Garb

December 3, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 4 Comments

In Social Studies class, we have been learning a great deal about what life was like for colonial children. We discovered that they were similar to us in some ways, like going to school and enjoying games and sports. However, most of their ways of life were very different than the way children live now. For example, most colonial children left school around the age of twelve or thirteen to work. Also, they were very important parts of their family’s livelihood  and they had to earn their keep by doing lots of strenuous chores and duties around the house and farm.

During our colonial studies, we had the opportunity to dig through some awesome, accurate colonial items to get a better feel for the life of a colonial child. Students had a great time playing with toys like marbles, wooden bowling pins, and cup-and-ball. They were so determined to fling that little ball into the cup that some of them worked for half an hour! Other items we looked at included straw dolls, colonial clothing and a colonial catapult! We even had a chance to hold and explore wooden replicas of muskets just like the ones used in the Revolutionary War. This was such a fun experience for us… and we learned a lot along the way!

Gobble Gobble

December 2, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 3 Comments

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in class last week with some delicious, edible crafts! We made turkeys using Oreos, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate icing, Whoppers and miniature Reese’s cups. These yummy treats fueled our brains as we wrote essays titled “My Christmas Wish” to submit to a city-wide essay contest.

Students — Earn a treat at school for listing one interesting fact you have learned this school year about the very first Thanksgiving. Your answer is disqualified if it has already been posted by someone else!

I Adore a Metaphor

September 5, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 5 Comments

This week, I am teaching figurative language… my faaaaavorite topic to teach! We started out strong with similes and metaphors. Students learned two important rules about similes:

  • They must compare two unlike things.
  • They always say “like” or “as.”
  • Example: Her friend is as quick as a flash of lightning. -or- The basketball player is spindly like a spider.

They also learned some unequivocal guidelines about metaphors:

  • They also must compare two unlike things.
  • They do not use “like” or “as” – they say something actually is something entirely different.
  • Example: The store clerk is a mean, old bear. -or- Her fingers were icicles.

To drive home these lessons, students added these definitions to their reading notebooks and then completed an activity in which they sorted similes from non-similes on their desks with a partner. The kids had lots of fun and I was flitting around the room like an excited butterfly all class time long… oh, what do you know? I just used a simile! :)

STUDENTS!!! SOUND OFF! – Comment on this post with a thoughtful and creative SIMILE that compares a teacher and a bumblebee for a Hershey’s Kiss in class!

Time to Trade!

August 30, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 5 Comments

We are still enjoying our lessons about Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the Americas. We learned that when Columbus arrived, the natives faced many hardships and were driven from their homes. As Columbus made trips to and from the New World, the Europeans and the Native Americans exchanged many things including food, plants, animals and even diseases. This trading of goods became known as the Columbian Exchange.

This week, students color-coded a list of items that were traded among citizens of the Old World and the New World. Then, they cut the items out and pasted them onto the correct side of a world map indicating the area from which the item came. This was a fun and meaningful learning activity that students really enjoyed :)


Thoughtfully answer this question in a comment on this blog post to earn a Hershey’s Kiss in class!

  • What was one positive effect of the Columbian Exchange on the Native Americans’ lifestyle?

Welcome Back!

August 20, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 18 Comments

Students and Parents -

I am so excited that you visited our class website! I am really looking forward to a great year with this wonderful new group of students. This website is an excellent way to stay connected with what we are doing in my classroom this year. I love posting pictures of our class projects and assignments, as well as reminders about upcoming events, agenda items, spelling lists and more. I encourage you to click through a few of the old posts to get a feel for the content you might see this year. Please check this site often as I try to update it at least once per week. I can’t wait to show you all some of the awesome things I have planned for fifth grade :)

STUDENTS – you can earn a Hershey’s Kiss by answering the following question in a comment on this post:

  • Which of our vocabulary words this week means “to gently talk someone into doing something“?

(Make a comment by clicking the number of comments right below the title of a blog post)

Testing Time Is Here…

April 9, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 0 comments

happiness and cheer!

While it may not bring the same nostalgia as Christmastime, testing time is upon us! It is very important that you make sure your child is at school and on time every day during our testing window. Also, students with full bellies and lots of rest have a great chance of being successful on their big exams.

McDonald’s is offering a great deal on Wednesday, April 10th. Free breakfast from 6-9am for all students grades 3-8!  If you aren’t a morning person, this is a great option to make sure your child gets a nutritious breakfast before their testing.

I am listing our testing schedule below so that you can encourage your child about each specific test. Please email or call with any concerns or questions you have about this big week. Our kiddos are ready to knock the tests out of the park. We have been working hard all year and I am very confident in their abilities :)


  • Wednesday, April 10 – Reading Test Part 1
  • Thursday, April 11 – Reading Test Part 2
  • Friday, April 12 – Math Test
  • Monday, April 15 – Science Test
  • Tuesday, April 16 – Social Studies Test

Context Clues

March 22, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 1 Comment

We have been working hard on context clues in the classroom. Students are doing a great job of using clues and inferences to understand the meaning of an unknown word. We have completed a variety of activities and lessons to reinforce this important skill.

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