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Gummy Bear Fossils


Before we left for our three-day weekend, we discussed fossils in science class. We learned that fossils can be either remains from dead animals and plants or imprints left behind after those remains have been covered by sediment and layers of earth. We also learned that fossil fuels are made when heat and pressure are added to the fossils below the earth’s surface and the fossils become petroleum that can be extracted by drilling miles into the earth’s surface. To demonstrate this process, we used white bread as the layer of white sand on the ocean floor. We then placed four gummy bears on the ocean floor to symbolize dead sea life that floats to the bottom of the ocean. Next, we laid a slice of wheat and a slice of rye bread atop the gummy bears to demonstrate the sediment that settles over the fossils over years and years of time. Then, we placed all the bread under several textbooks to act as pressure.

Today, we were finally able to take a look at our gummy bear fossils. We noticed that the layers of earth had hardened and become thinner. The layers were stuck together and difficult to peel apart. When we did get to the “fossils,” we noticed that the gummy bears were a bit stickier than before. Their features were gone but could still be seen in the imprints on the “ocean floor.” We also noticed that the fossils had left a colorful reside on their imprints. We had lots of fun and made many predictions about what might have happened if our fossils had been left for a century!


  1. That was so awesome

  2. i loved that. it was fun!!!!!

  3. mrs.lesser i miss you so much!! i wish you were a science and math teacher when i had you! hope to see you soon! love you!

    -emily brakefield

    • Aww, Emily! I miss you and the rest of last year’s class too! Would love it if some of you came to see me:) I hope you’re enjoying sixth grade! Love you bunches!

  4. Could you tell me how long you let the bread set with the books stacked on them?

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