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Students and Parents -

I am so excited that you visited our class website! I am really looking forward to a great year with this wonderful new group of students. This website is an excellent way to stay connected with what we are doing in my classroom this year. I love posting pictures of our class projects and assignments, as well as reminders about upcoming events, agenda items, spelling lists and more. I encourage you to click through a few of the old posts to get a feel for the content you might see this year. Please check this site often as I try to update it at least once per week. I can’t wait to show you all some of the awesome things I have planned for fifth grade :)

STUDENTS – you can earn a Hershey’s Kiss by answering the following question in a comment on this post:

  • Which of our vocabulary words this week means “to gently talk someone into doing something“?

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  1. Coaxed

  2. to gently talk someone into doing something means
    coaxed. are you going to do this every week?
    P.S give me a hersheys kiss on Monday please

  3. Coaxed, means to be talked into doing something but gently talked into it.

  4. Coaxed (definition of coaxed is to trick somebody into doing something)

  5. the word is coaxed

  6. coaxed,means to be sweet but trick some one in to doing some thing

    my sentence,
    i coaxed my sister into doing my dishes for me by giving her 5 bucks

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