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Time to Trade!


We are still enjoying our lessons about Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the Americas. We learned that when Columbus arrived, the natives faced many hardships and were driven from their homes. As Columbus made trips to and from the New World, the Europeans and the Native Americans exchanged many things including food, plants, animals and even diseases. This trading of goods became known as the Columbian Exchange.

This week, students color-coded a list of items that were traded among citizens of the Old World and the New World. Then, they cut the items out and pasted them onto the correct side of a world map indicating the area from which the item came. This was a fun and meaningful learning activity that students really enjoyed :)


Thoughtfully answer this question in a comment on this blog post to earn a Hershey’s Kiss¬†in class!

  • What was one positive¬†effect of the Columbian Exchange on the Native Americans’ lifestyle?


  1. A positive exchange was when Columbus’s crew gave the natives animals such as horses which helps them to ride on horses instead of walking

  2. The positive thing was that they got horses for transportation which made their life’s much more easier

  3. A positive change is they got new types of food and animals.

  4. it was very fun

  5. the teacher was as busy as a bumblebee

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