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I Adore a Metaphor


This week, I am teaching figurative language… my faaaaavorite topic to teach! We started out strong with similes and metaphors. Students learned two important rules about similes:

  • They must compare two unlike things.
  • They always say “like” or “as.”
  • Example: Her friend is as quick as a flash of lightning. -or- The basketball player is spindly like a spider.

They also learned some unequivocal guidelines about metaphors:

  • They also must compare two unlike things.
  • They do not use “like” or “as” – they say something actually is something entirely different.
  • Example: The store clerk is a mean, old bear. -or- Her fingers were icicles.

To drive home these lessons, students added these definitions to their reading notebooks and then completed an activity in which they sorted similes from non-similes on their desks with a partner. The kids had lots of fun and I was flitting around the room like an excited butterfly all class time long… oh, what do you know? I just used a simile! :)

STUDENTS!!! SOUND OFF! – Comment on this post with a thoughtful and creative SIMILE that compares a teacher and a bumblebee for a Hershey’s Kiss in class!


  1. The teacher was as busy as a bumblebee

  2. The teacher was as busy as a bumblebee!

  3. The teachers outfit was as busy as a bee

  4. He is as complicated as a labryinth.

  5. Mrs. Lesser is as busy as a bumblebee.

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