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We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in class last week with some delicious, edible crafts! We made turkeys using Oreos, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate icing, Whoppers and miniature Reese’s cups. These yummy treats fueled our brains as we wrote essays titled “My Christmas Wish” to submit to a city-wide essay contest.

Students — Earn a treat at school for listing one interesting fact you have learned this school year about the very first Thanksgiving. Your answer is disqualified if it has already been posted by someone else!


  1. I learned that it lasted 3 whole days

  2. I learned that pilgrim kids have to do same things like us.Like chores,feeding pets and much more!:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. I learned Squanto and a few other indians were there

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