Mrs. Lesser's Classroom

Yukon Public Schools

Colonial Garb


In Social Studies class, we have been learning a great deal about what life was like for colonial children. We discovered that they were similar to us in some ways, like going to school and enjoying games and sports. However, most of their ways of life were very different than the way children live now. For example, most colonial children left school around the age of twelve or thirteen to work. Also, they were very important parts of their family’s livelihood  and they had to earn their keep by doing lots of strenuous chores and duties around the house and farm.

During our colonial studies, we had the opportunity to dig through some awesome, accurate colonial items to get a better feel for the life of a colonial child. Students had a great time playing with toys like marbles, wooden bowling pins, and cup-and-ball. They were so determined to fling that little ball into the cup that some of them worked for half an hour! Other items we looked at included straw dolls, colonial clothing and a colonial catapult! We even had a chance to hold and explore wooden replicas of muskets just like the ones used in the Revolutionary War. This was such a fun experience for us… and we learned a lot along the way!


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