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NPR’s Backseat Book Club - Each month, National Public Radio chooses a kid’s book club pick. After reading the novel, kids can call in to the radio show to chat with the author, discuss their favorite parts of the book, or ask each other questions… such a cool site!

Scholastic Book Clubs - Order books online with our class activation code HZCTK. Each time you order online, I get $3 to spend on books for our classroom! Also, the books arrive very promptly. What better gift can you give your child!?




  1. Hey Mrs. Lesser!!!!!!!! It’s Tabby! Commented :) .

    -Tabitha Talley , Bigbirds ( Yellow Group)

  2. You are the best teacher anyone could have!love ya

  3. Hi Mrs.Lesser talk about the best reading teacher eva!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are the best teacher ever

  5. I will try to talk my parntes to buying a book. I love you and your books.

  6. I think you should post a pic of you and your students.(your students that had never seen the snow.)sorry I forgot what to call them.I would like to see them.

  7. i read for 4 hours straight i almost finshed my book :

  8. hi mrs.lesser reading harry potter goblet of fire best book ever

  9. ha, ha, I finally made a reply. but now i forgot what i was going to say.

  10. whats the music videos name on youtube

  11. sereously or seriosly or whatever I need to see my robot

  12. Hi Mrs.lesser hope you have a good night :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  13. Hey mrs,. Lesser I finish my speech and everone think it’s hopes up for me

  14. i had fun today hope you have a great weekend

  15. I hope i become president. it we be so cool. i guess i shouldnt put my hopes up to high.

  16. Have a good night Mrs. Lesser. See you tomorrow!!!


  17. We have  in the class! Ps two are me and eli

  18. Congratulations on your teacher of the month from Magic 104!!!!

  19. Hey mrs lesser

  20. Talk about the best book ever!!!!!!! ( If you don’t know it’s THE HUNGER GAMES )


  21. you are the best teacher ever!

  22. hello you are awsome!!!

  23. hi mrs.lesser. is the harlem shake on the website yet?

  24. Where’s your husbands Harlem shake :) ?!?

  25. Here we are, just a little over a week of school and I already have something fabulous I’d like to share. Everyday when I pick up my daughter, Jaedyn Kanatzar, I ask her how her day was. Her reply every time …..”I just looooove Mrs. Lesser’s class!!!” :)

  26. You r the best teacher ever I am glad I got u !!!!!I was hoping i would get u

  27. Hey mrs. Lesser it’s Jae I am loving your class so far…… Can’t wait to see you today!!!

  28. You are the best teacher I have ever had

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