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Conference Times

March 4, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 1 Comment

Parents -

It is that time of year again! Time to meet with the teacher and discuss your children… mwwaahahahahaaa!!

No, don’t worry about my evil, maniacal laughter. I am really looking forward to this time to chat with you about how your kids have done this year, how much they have grown, and how much I’ve grown to love them :)

Click on the link below to download a copy of our conference schedule for this year.

conference times spring 13

My main goal is to make sure that I have an opportunity to meet with each of you. If your time does not work out, please email or call me so we can work something else out. I am flexible!

Edible Science

February 28, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 0 comments

Earlier this year, we did a week-long unit on mixtures and solutions. We learned that mixtures are made up of parts that can be separated and regrouped. A salad with lettuce, tomatoes and croutons would be an example of a mixture. Solutions, on the other hand, cannot be separated once they have been combined. Chocolate milk and salt water are both examples of solutions.

To illustrate this concept, we had an edible science lesson. Students made their own trail mix from goldfish crackers, Chex cereal, mini chocolate chips and raisins. We separated these items into groups after combining them to show that they were in fact a mixture. We also made a big class pitcher of red Kool-Aid to demonstrate a solution. We noticed that, after mixing them together, we were unable to separate the water from the sugar from the Kool-Aid powder. This characteristic told us that Kool-Aid is a solution. After completing a few pages that went along with this edible activity, students enjoyed their mixtures and solutions. We learned two important things on this day: 1) the difference between mixtures and solutions 2) Science suuuuure can be yummy!

Coffeehouse Poetry Reading

February 25, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 1 Comment

Our class recently held our second annual Coffeehouse Poetry Reading. It was so much fun to kick back and enjoy the creativity of these awesome students. The kids worked for weeks on putting together an original book of poems. At the coffeehouse reading, they chose two poems to share with their peers. We had a microphone, a spotlight, lemonade, hot chocolate, cookies, donut holes, and other refreshments to make it feel more realistic. We also had some awesome parents that attended the reading. Of course, just like a true beatnik poetry reading, students were encouraged to “snap” rather than clap after a reading to keep the noise level at a minimum.

I am so very proud of each of my students for the hard work and effort they put forth to complete their poetry books. I am still reading through them all and they haven’t yet ceased to amaze me! I hope this experience was memorable and fun for each of them.


Candy Hearts + Math = Lovely Learning

February 21, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 0 comments

Have I mentioned that I love Valentine’s Day? Ahhh, I love love (I hear my students sighing now…)! My students were able to enjoy Valentine’s Day during math class this year with some engaging and meaningful candy heart activities.

We started by estimating. Before they opened their box of candy hearts, students had to make estimations like “How many candy hearts will it take to make a line across your desk?” and “How many candy hearts can you stack on your index finger before they topple off?” I really enjoyed watching the kids make these guesses. Some of them were really close… others, not so much! After they made their estimates, they opened their boxes and found the actual answers.

After that, we sorted the candy hearts in three different ways. Students had to be creative to think of three different categories they could use. Of course, we all sorted by color. Others sorted into groups of Broken and Unbroken. A few students had several groups using the category Number of Words.

Following sorting, we did a variety of fraction activities with the candy hearts. Students compared, added, and ordered the fraction of each color they had in their box. Then, they depicted their findings on a bar graph to wrap up the project. Through this activity, we learned that, among our class, yellow was the least common heart color and blue and orange tied for most common. We thought that must be because we love the OKC Thunder so much ;)

This was a meaningful and tasty math class for everyone. The best part of all? Eating the candy, of course!


Here is a link to the entire Valentine’s Day packet that I used on this sweet, sweet day :)

Harlem Shake

February 20, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 7 Comments

In case you haven’t seen the Harlem Shake trend that is going around YouTube, I would recommend watching a few. Willing participants in our class decided to take part in this silly fad during recess time today. I was a little disappointed that not everyone made it in the screen :( Overall, though, I think it turned out great!!


Lovebugs <3

February 19, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 10 Comments

What a wonderful Valentine’s Day we had in fifth grade this year! We had so many cookies and cupcakes and chocolates and cream puffs that we were all reeling from a sugar high for the rest of the week :)

We kicked off the Valentine’s party by exchanging cards and candy. The students brought their creative Valentine boxes. I was very impressed with their handiwork! Then, we piled our plates high with goodies and chatted with our friends while we ate. Finally, we played an awesome game with candy hearts and chopsticks. Whoever was able to remove the most hearts from the bowl using nothing but chopsticks was declared the winner! I learned that we have some students with excellent chopstick dexterity! Who knew?

I would like to wrap this post up with a heartfelt thank you to all the parents and students who showed me such an enormous amount of Valentine’s love this year. My husband and I are still eating chocolates and candies and enjoying all the other goodies I received. I am truly blessed to work at LES with a group of parents and families like you all. It warms my heart so much to feel loved and appreciated. Thank you again for all that you do for your kids and for their teacher. You are remarkable.

Poets Galore!

January 14, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 1 Comment

Students have been working hard on the poetry projects they began last week. I have been very impressed by the amount of time and creativity they are putting into their poems and illustrations. Remember – poetry books are due on Wednesday, January 23rd!!! Please click the link below to download the entire booklet, including guidelines, examples of each poem, rubric, and self-reflection sheet in PDF form!

poetry booklet guidelines

Ho Ho Holidays!

January 14, 2013 by Mrs. Lesser 2 Comments

We had so much fun wrapping up the first semester of fifth grade with a winter holiday bash! We kicked off the party with a word scrambling game. The kids loved it and it really got them into the holiday spirit. After that, we ate lots of food and chit-chatted for a while.

We want to send a great big THANK YOU to all our awesome parents. I know that our class is very blessed to have such helpful, accommodating, and caring parents. We have had such a successful semester one… can’t wait to see what our second semester holds for us in 2013!

Sweet, Sweet Math Time

December 19, 2012 by Mrs. Lesser 0 comments


Today in math class, we took a chocolatey approach to fractions. Students used a bag of Fun Size M&Ms to identify what fraction of each color was in their bag, order their fractions, add different fractions together, convert their fractions to percentage, and finally design a pie graph showing their data. We had a lot of fun with this project and it gave students a real-life experience with fractions. You know what they always say. When math time meets snack time, fun will ensue :)

Narnia Projects

December 15, 2012 by Mrs. Lesser 1 Comment

We just finished the amazing second book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. Students were captivated by the fantastical adventures of Edmund, Lucy, Susan, Peter, and all the characters they met when they stumbled through an old, dusty wardrobe and into a snowy, wooded land called Narnia.

To wrap up this unit, students chose from four options to create a culminating project. Many students drew fun and creative cartoons including 20 events from the story and dialogue. We got a kick out of seeing all the different cartoons and the events that students chose to include.

Other students made an original map of Narnia. So many kids went above and beyond to make their map appear old, tattered, and authentic. They included lots of important landmarks from the story and some creative ideas of their own.

Others still whipped up a batch of Edmund’s favorite treat, Turkish Delight. We stuffed ourselves silly with this sweet treat. Fortunately, it was not enchanted so none of our students are under the hypnotic charge of the White Witch :)

Finally, one group of wonderful students gave an outstanding performance of a scene from the book and included a one-page script that they had all rehearsed and memorized. These kiddos did an excellent job of entertaining us with the engaging scene including Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and the four children.

We had so much fun with these projects and, most of all, reading this classic and beloved novel. Many students are dying to read the next book in the series. Stocking stuffer? ;)

Hey Kids – who was your favorite character in the story? Why?